Water Tank Cleaning Jimboomba


We find what the others leave behind!

The H2O Tank Doctor has multiple cleaning systems available for Jimboomba Residents and businesses.  We want to customize this service to suit your tank and your budget.  We do this by asking you a few relevant questions like “when was your tank cleaned last”.

The H2O Tank Doctor uses a minimal water loss cleaning system that can be used on concrete, poly or metal tanks. It allows us to vacuum the harmful sludge that collects on the bottom of your water tank-while still preserving most of the water inside your tank.

We want you to be able to safely drink your Jimboomba rain water so we treat this remaining water with a specialized sterilizing agent-if needed, but we do not use or recommend harmful chemicals being introduced into the tank water.

We actually GET INSIDE your tank.

Sometimes it is best if you opt for a “full” Jimboomba water tank cleaning particularly if you are having major repairs done or you have just moved into a new house and don’t know the “tank history”, as this is the preferred method to start your water storage solution toward healthy, clean drinking water.

The H2O Tank Doctor will empty the contaminated water and then enter and inspect the state of your tank-including damage identification and possible vermin entry points.

We are Registered, Certified and our work is Insured for years to come.

We then hand clean the ceiling, walls, pipework and floor of the tank-pumping out the dirty water and foreign bodies as we clean. The tank is then rinsed and sterilized and we can organize the water supplier of your choice to refill with a load of clean water. The H2O Tank Doctor is the tank cleaner recommended by the water carriers as they see the results and claim that our tanks are “clean enough to eat your dinner off” after we have finished.

Both cleaning methods are a “one day” service (unless major repairs are needed) but many minor repairs can be carried out in that timeframe on the same day as the clean. We also provide top quality filtration systems customized to suit your needs and budget.  We are not affiliated with any particular company so we can fit the appropriate system for you without “creating” future work for us (or high cost to you) by providing you a system that you can look after yourself easily.