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Yes.  A good tank cleaning service is worth waiting for.

Initially we didn’t want to wait the extra three days until Lauchlan was available and we had it cleaned by another person.

Unfortunately he didn’t know what he was doing and he used such high pressure that he “de-laminated” our entire tank.

Luckily Lauchlan knew how to fix the tank and we have used the H2O Tank Doctor ever since to look after our tank cleaning with absolutely no problems.  He is a tank genius.


Tamborine Viliage

(Letter to Tamborine Times- 15th January 2015)

Thank you Lauchlan McConnell for providing your tank advice and assistance with our water tank cleaning, repairs and replacement. We are so grateful to live in such a beautiful area within such a supportive and caring community. We found this tangled mess of tree roots in this tank that was left behind by another contractor.

Peter, Carly and Oliver

North Tamborine

We had our tank “cleaned” by another contractor-but the water was still smelly & dirty. He wouldn’t come back so we rang Lauchlan and he thoroughly cleaned our tank-even removing dead toads and tree roots left behind by the other person.

Not only was it perfectly clean but he fixed the areas where the tree roots made the tank leak and also where the toads had got in.

We always recommend Lauchlan and his crew at the H2O Tank Doctor for all our water tank cleaning and repairs.  Wouldn’t use anyone else on Mt Tamborine.


North Tamborine